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Motivate peoples to practice agile

To motivate people in practicing agile methods, we need to focus on a few key ideas. Firstly, set clear goals so everyone knows what they’re working towards. Give people space to do their work independently and creatively. Trust each other and communicate openly instead of over-explaining everything […]

Tips to Step Up Retrospective Game Webinar

The retrospective is one of the five events in scrum. It is an essential part of scrum because it enables the team to practice the three pillars: transparency, inspection, and adaptation. Without the retro, the team may stagnate and may not continually grow […]

Solve your problem by starting with 3 simple questions

Discovered a couple of old name cards while tidying up my house, triggering a flood of memories from my years in the technical and project management fields—both good and challenging times. It is common that peoples feeling lost or drown in some time pieces in their career. Feeling stressful and unresourcefulness may drive you to […]