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How Does SCRUM Work Webinar

If you are a newbie in Agile and would like to know how to start your journey. Scrum is a light weight framework for you to easily get start and this webinar is perfectly for you. Join our interactive webinar to learn how does Scrum work […]

Date: 13-JAN-2024
Time: 9:00pm – 9:45pm HKT (GMT+8)
Location: Online
Price: Free

Top Tips to become a Great Scrum Master Webinar

On today’s webinar, we discuss about if you are planning to be a Scrum Master but don’t know how to get it start, or you may be in a transition period but feeling mess. If you are facing, this webinar is prepared for you. You can gain some insight there to level up your skill set. All of this and more are discussed in today’s webinar with us […]