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TAE: Episode 52 – Stop Facilitating Boring Meetings

Today’s we discuss about Stop Facilitating Boring Meetings. Facilitation is a must have skillset of a Scrum Master. These interpersonal skills can be incredibly hard to master but will ultimately help shape you into a better facilitator […]

How Does AI Tools benefit Product Owners?

AI-integrated tools are rapidly evolving, so being open to experimentation and adapting how we use them will be a critical part of our journey with new technology. As a product owner, balancing the needs of team, stakeholders, and marketplace are big components of what you do […]

AI (Artificial Intelligence) impact on Scrum Master work

In the ever-evolving landscape of AI (Artificial Intelligence) integration, Scrum Masters are positioned to be invaluable assets. Organizations seek leaders adept at harmonizing the efficiency of automation with essential human qualities. Every area of our life is being transformed by AI (Artificial Intelligence), and the agile community is no different. How does artificial intelligence impact on a Scrum Master […]

Tips to Step Up Retrospective Game Webinar

The retrospective is one of the five events in scrum. It is an essential part of scrum because it enables the team to practice the three pillars: transparency, inspection, and adaptation. Without the retro, the team may stagnate and may not continually grow […]