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Solve your problem by starting with 3 simple questions

Discovered a couple of old name cards while tidying up my house, triggering a flood of memories from my years in the technical and project management fields—both good and challenging times. It is common that peoples feeling lost or drown in some time pieces in their career. Feeling stressful and unresourcefulness may drive you to question yourselves why do I got into this problem? What do I done wrong? Then generate many whys in your head. These kind of questions will take you ages to find the answer, consuming your energy and drive you bonker. There is no absolute right or wrong in real world. Try not putting yourself in a (blame frame).

Try below three self reflective question (future-pacing), see if make a difference?

  1. What action can I take to move forward or to rectify the problem?
  2. How do I ensure I will be accountable to thoroughly stick to my plan ?
  3. Do I need any assistance from anyone in helping me to ensure success of my action plan

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