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Breaking the silos – Perceptual Positioning

In some workplaces, silos are seen as barriers that slow down progress and hold back the growth of the company. Companies worry that when teams work separately within these silos, they won’t be working towards the same overall goals. This negative view of silos usually comes from them forming by accident, often because of old ways of doing things that are no longer useful. These accidental silos make it hard for teams to talk to each other and can stop new ideas and work from happening smoothly. That’s why it’s important to find and break down these accidental silos.

Sometimes, the reason for silos is simple: people don’t always get along or agree on the best way to do things. Let me tell you about a method called ‘Perceptual Positioning’ that can help fix disagreements and change how you see people you’ve had conflicts with. This method aims to reduce tension and give new ways of solving problems, making it easier to work well with others. If everyone tries this approach, it could really help break down silos. Give it a go!

Here’s how it goes.

1. You

First, look at things from your position. What are your needs and wants in the situation? How do you feel?

2. Them

Step completely outside of yourself and into the other person’s shoes. What do they want? What are they feeling? How do they see things?

3. Third Person

Lastly, step into a completely unbiased, objective, detached space and look at the situation as an outsider. How would a complete stranger see things?

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